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As a child once I could pick up a pencil, I knew all I wanted to do was art. In my youth I never was intrigued with the traditional painting styles like portrait, still life or landscape. I was inspired by the worlds imagined by fantasy and surrealist painters. Artists like Salvador Dali, H.R. Giger, Boris Vallejo , Micheal Whelan and others were creating windows into new worlds. To this day one of my goals is to make my paintings like a window transporting the viewer into my unique worlds.


My work is linked to a painting style called ‘Imaginative Realism’ and is in the spirit of the visionary artists. My intention with my oil paintings is to create positive, harmonious and mystical landscapes. My architectural designs in my paintings make reference to ancient and elemental ways of construction but are futuristic in design. The minimalist designs are intended to give a feeling of intimacy and balance with the surroundings. Another fascination I have with clouds and there architectural and emotional potential.


In 2013 I was paired with world renowned sculpture Kevin Peters for my solo show displaying my painting series called 'Masscape Re-inventions'. The series depicted new worlds where dichotomy and intuition are celebrated and harmonious. A place in-which clouds are guides to new paths and shelters from all below. A place that re-uses the discarded, where stone is not a barrier but a conveyer of thoughts and ideas.


Currently my new series called 'Synthesis' brings me in orbit looking down on earthly events. Taking a birds eye view has provided me new artistic challenges and possibilities. This series reflects my own meditation and therapeutic process in everyday life. When I am stressed I will imagine events in the universe such as galaxies forming and planets interacting with other cosmic bodies. Imagining the universe makes my everyday earthly problems and issues less stressful and more manageable. I am utilizing my advanced cloud painting techniques to convey celestial events on earth. These grand cloud formations act as ever changing temples for the viewer to explore  and find serenity.





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